Kudos to Chef Borgia.

May 17, 2010

It’s another busy, busy week for me. I just arrived at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex to help our culinary team get ready for the launch this Friday. That means long hours and lots of work…but also great food.

I don’t have much time, but I did want to post about one of our chefs. One of the big things happening at Delaware North Companies this year is the opening of New Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey. Our company has been selected to handle all food, beverage and retail operations at the new venue. It’s a very exciting venture.

I’ve been to the new stadium a handful of times and look forward to visiting it even more over the rest of the year. But, I can tell you that fans will be very happy with their food next season because we have Executive Chef Eric Borgia directing our operations at New Meadowlands. I have worked with Eric throughout my career and he played a big part in our Sportservice cookbook a few years back. What’s even better is his strong ties to the  the New York / New Jersey area.

If you have a chance, you should read this profile of him from NorthJersey.com http://tinyurl.com/2um7y4e. It’s a great read.

Alright, back to the kitchen.

In Good Cooking Always,

Chef Roland Henin, CMC


Always Time To Teach.

May 3, 2010

As you may have learned from my previous blogs, things are busy at Delaware North Companies. I’m flying all over the country to make sure our guests and customers are receiving the absolute best dining experiences possible. I recently came off a series of weeks where I was at Target Field, Kennedy Space Center, Chicago and our corporate office in Buffalo. I came home to realize my tulips had bloomed.
Even though I’m busy, I wanted to take time to recognize one of our chefs at Yosemite Lodge at the Falls in Yosemite National Park. Executive Chef Michael Gover recently taught 16 Mariposa County High School students, who were members of the French club, how to prepare a four-course gourmet French meal. Gover’s daughter is a high school senior and the president of the French club. He helped the entire class prepare potato leek soup, spinach salad and lardon bits, roasted beets, and pork loin marsala with risotto and asparagus. Dessert was maple crème brulee with dark chocolate truffles.
From what I’ve heard, it was a great experience for everyone. That pleases me. People might think as a chef my greatest joy is cooking, but actually I have a greater passion for educating others. I’ve taught at the Culinary Institute of America. I’ve trained chefs to compete in international culinary competitions. I work constantly with our chefs at Delaware North to help them improve their skills. I’ve always said, I can cook a great meal and it will last for an evening. But, I can teach others how to create delicious meals and they will be able to share that skill for years.
There are probably hundreds of stories about our chefs doing things like this each year. They teach each other. They mentor students. Often, we learn to teach ourselves. So many members of our culinary teams deserve recognition. This story stood out to me, and I applaud Chef Gover, but it really is my way of honoring everyone who works to educate others in the culinary arts.
Alright, back to work. Blog again soon.
In Good Cooking Always.

Chef Roland Henin, CMC