Delaware North Teams Up With Food Network.

Hello All,

I am beginning to wonder if the rest of the chefs at Delaware North Companies are reading my blog.

In early August out Sportservice team at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati invited local bloggers, food writers and television news anchors to taste and report on its new Food Network Signature Suites Menu. Now, I understand I am not local, but I thought I would get an invite.

I am kidding of course. I’m sure I could have attended and shared my thoughts on the event. However, I probably would have put down the computer for blogging and helped out in the kitchen. I am a Certified Master Chef, not a Certified Master Blogger.

Delaware North’s partnership with Food Network is important as it helps us grow our culinary reach. Currently, our Sportservice division is working with Food Network to bring some of the TV station’s famous recipes to fans at sports stadiums. At the Cincinnati event the team served what Food Network Culinary Producer Charles Granquist called “comfort food with a twist.” The menu included variations on a meatball sub, a Caesar salad, potato skins and artichoke dip. Reds fans can enjoy these items from now until the end of baseball season in September.

Great American Ball Park is one of the first places where Sportservice has rolled out the Food Network-themed items.  Fans may also see the items at ballparks in St. Louis, Milwaukee, San Diego, Minnesota, Detroit, Cleveland and Texas. Delaware North also plans to open Food Network themed areas at national parks and airports around the country.

This really is an exciting partnership and one I’ve supported from the beginning. I’m just as excited as anyone to see what our culinary team comes up with in the future.

Alright, that’s enough blogging for now. I must get back to work and back to the kitchen. I am heading to New Meadowlands Stadium soon for their regular season grand opening. It will be a lot of work and a lot of fun.

In Good Cooking Always,

Chef Roland Henin, CMC


One Response to Delaware North Teams Up With Food Network.

  1. Chef Roland and Food Network teaming up can only mean that the bar for excellence has just been raised a few notches!
    How very exciting!!

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