Changing Seasons at Gideon Putnam Resort

Our world moves very fast, but I always believe it is easier for chefs to enjoy the change in seasons. We have to pay attention to changes in crops, flavors and local offerings to bring our customers the best food they could possibly want. That is what we do at Gideon Putnam Resort in Saratoga Springs on a daily basis.

This is my first blog and I am grateful that Chef Roland has allowed me to post. We are just coming off of our busiest season of the year – summer. It’s very fast paced at Gideon Putnam during the summer months because of everything that happens in Saratoga Springs. People from around the world visit our area for horse racing, ballet and orchestra shows and outstanding concerts. These people often visit us to spend the night and enjoy our food.

Things slow down ever so slightly in the fall, but our commitment to providing the best food never wavers. We have an herb garden outside our back door at Gideon Putnam that we used to cultivate local spices, we are meeting with local farmers to discuss their current and upcoming crops and we’re always making trips to the Farmers Market to select the best daily produce and artisan cheeses. These are the ways we help strengthen our menu for guests.

The fall is one of my favorite times to be a chef. So much of what you can do is dictated by the spring and summer weather. For example, early season frost and hail can damage our apple crop. We have to be ready for things like this so we change our menus constantly. During the fall, we do a great deal of braising, roasting and even pickling.

Things have slowed a bit since summer, but we’re still handling major events. We just completed work for the Saratoga Food & Wine Festival, the New York Wine & Food Pairing Dinner and my recent cooking demo at a gas fireplace shop. During these events we featured such items as butternut squash bisque, pan seared pork tenderloin with sambucca braised fennel and a beautiful apple cake made with Saratoga apples.

There are more events coming – Capital Region Parde of Chefs, Saratoga Sip and our Grand Thanksgiving Feast – and we’ll be ready.

It is fall. The temperatures are cooler. The leaves are changing. And our food offerings and menu choices are changing with them. It is a great time of year.

Thank you for the opportunity,

Chef Brian Sterner, CEC


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