DNC Family Christmas Dinner 2010.

This is a fun poem that describes our team’s efforts at Yosemite. Emily Brosk deserves the credit for writing it. Thank you Emily.

T’was 2 days before Christmas and the Curry kitchen was a glow!!

Chefs in white coats working hard, inside and away from the snow.

Preparing a feast to remember for the biggest family ever

Which just happened to be no small endeavor.

Without a head chef, the crew needed direction

And thanks to Dan Cornforth they achieved perfection!

Over 500 people sat down as a whole

Attempting to try everything, especially a roll

Enjoying the company of family and friends

This was the perfect time to hug and make amends!

We feasted on turkey and gravy, prime rib with au jus.

There were even vegan stuffed bell peppers, which was enough for two!

Mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and veggies galore

We had so many desserts we had to store them next door!

A big special thanks to the folks who put it together

Braving winter conditions and icy cold weather

Cheers to the team from Curry Village and Employee Recreation

I think we all deserve a paid vacation!!

Everyone was touched and everyone agrees

Our  DNC Family is the bee’s knees!!



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