Back To Basics.

This is a post that Chef Kevin Doherty put together for the blog.

It’s always good to come face to face with reality.

Regardless of your craft or pursuit in life, it’s easy to become overconfident and think you know it all (or at least most of what there is to know). I’ve always fought this and I think I’ve done well. But, as we move on to knew areas in our career and achieve different goals…it’s hard to not fall victim to it a bit.

That’s why it was wonderful to have Chef Roland Henin visit me in Boston for three days last week. He brought with him one simple message – let’s get back to the basics.

In the past few years I’ve helped out at incredible high-profile events like the NBA Finals, the Democratic National Convention and the opening of New Meadowlands Stadium. I also competed in the Culinary Olympics and several other competitions. These are events that test you. And, if you’re not good enough, they will reveal it.

Those events were challenges for me, but maybe they also left me feeling I was at the top of the food chain (no pun intended). I had a taste of success and excellence…but Chef Henin quickly reminded me how much I have to learn.

In the pursuit of excellence, you’re never as close as you think. I realize I am far from perfection and need to work triple time to get back on course.

Please don’t think I’m complaining…I’m grateful for such a realization. It’s eye-opening and will allow me to grow and achieve even more. All of our success is based on our ability to never forget the basics and build upon them.

Chef Henin is an incredible teacher and leader of our culinary team. He’s also a motivator. His visit lit a fire under my butt. It’s time to learn more. It’s time to take on my shortcomings.

It’s time to get back to basics.

2 Responses to Back To Basics.

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  2. Robert Bleibtrey says:

    You both are the top of the food chain and we all look up to you , We want to see swagger!!!!

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