Australian Open 2011 – A Taste Of The Culinary Experience.

Chef Mark Szubeczak took his culinary talents to the Australian Open, (Delaware North Companies handles all food and beverage operations for the event) and made a major impact. Every report I’ve heard from the event is complimentary and suggests Chef Mark and his team did a commendable job. He was kind enough to send in the below photos and text for the blog. Thanks to all chefs who made the 2011 Australian Open a success.

Working together as a team we served 3000 meals in Sponsor Suites alone. 

The River Villa Sponsor Suites’ Happy Delaware North Companies Aussie Culinary Staff

We worked in portable, fully-equipped kitchens that were built just for the event with Rational Combi ovens, fryers and dish machines.

We served fresh canapes, salads, plated and buffet style meals. All desserts were house made supplied from Pastry Chefs from Etihad Stadium

We served  over 2,900 Fresh Meals in Sponsor Suites Area

In the end we had many satisfied guests and very exhausted Delaware North Staff.

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