Boston Culinary Competition.

Thank you to Chef Kevin Doherty who works for our Sportservice division for his time with this post regarding a recent culinary competition in Boston. This truly is how you sharpen your skills. Congratulations to all who took part.

I think it’s important to highlight the many culinary competitions and events our different teams take place in outside of their regular work days.  Two Sundays ago, I teamed with Chef Paul Hartz, Chef Ashley Haldane and Chef Patrick Kilduff from our various Boston-area properties to take part in an American Culinary Federation Epicurean Club of Boston competition. It was hosted at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Boston.

Chef Hartz received a silver medal for his platter, Chef Kilduff took home a sliver medal in the mystery basket competition and Chef Ashley earned a bronze medal. I received a gold medal in my first competition and high silver in my second. I earned a check for $250 for the highest score of the day.

I appreciate all those who took part in the event and credit the other chefs for their hard work. Competitions like this are how Chef Roland encourages us to sharpen our craft. You watch others and you see how neat and organized they are and you try to learn from them. Competitions also help define how bad you want something as a chef. Even in the middle of our crazy years in Boston we practice late nights, sometimes after Bruins game or on our only day off. We are not different than any other venue in this respect. We are just a bit crazy.


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