Chefs Gather For Nutrition Exercise.

March 23, 2011

Below is an excerpt from a story that appeared in the Delaware North Companies internal newsletter about a recent nutrition event some of our chefs took part in. I am hopeful some of them will share their views on the event with a blog post.

Ten chefs from Delaware North Companies Parks & Resorts met recently on The Queen Mary for the first-ever Nutrition Summit. Christian De Vos, vice president of food and beverage, and Oehme Soule, a registered dietician, led the four-day session that was intended to increase the chefs’ knowledge of nutrition, develop healthy menu items and discuss how best to present the information to guests. The best day, according to De Vos was Wednesday. The group took a field trip to the Santa Monica Market to purchase ingredients for vegetarian dishes and returned to the ship to cook. “The food was absolutely splendid,” De Vos said.