Chef Sterner Talks Nutrition Summit.

Not A Bad Looking Team

Here are some more thoughts and notes regarding the recent nutrition summit Delaware North Companies Parks & Resorts hosted. Feel free to share comments below and a big thank you to Chef Sterner for his time, insight and photos.

It’s always great to get together as a group of chefs. To leave the comfort of our own kitchens is not always an easy task. But, once we are all together, you come to realize there have been some changes. There are new chefs, some that have been around for a while and others who have changed locations. In the big picture, we are all still chefs that come together to continue our education. We will never know everything but we will continue to gather as much knowledge as we possibly can.


Travel for the week was a bit hectic in the beginning. I faced delays in Albany and more hold ups in Philadelphia before arriving at Los Angeles International Airport just in time to miss dinner…never fear, there was plenty of chowder to go around. Chef Larry’s team was eager to bring out a bit to eat for me even after everyone else was finished.

During day one we put together recipes that we had developed individually in advance. Unfortunately for me, my grocery list was not available (my fault). That said, I adjusted and adapted. So, I went mystery basket style and developed new healthy recipes on the fly. I saw a lot of great dishes that day. Dinner that evening was at Seasons 52, a concept where all plates are under 500 calories. It is a great concept, unless you eat more plates than you should.

On day two, we broke into teams of two to prepare a few things Chef Percy came up with. Once again, you could feel the camaraderie building amongst us. We may have been in teams of two but all the teams were working with one another. Dinner that evening was at Steffans at LA Farm. We sampled a wide array of fare.

During the third day we took a trip to the Farmers Market or as I like to call it “a chef’s playground.” We each had a $20 budget (many, including myself, broke that number) to shop around, gather whatever we wanted then headed back to the ship to prepare a feast. Each of us were able to showcase our own individual style. It was a picture perfect day to shop the amazing agriculture. Our four day required us to take a quick trip to Santa Monica Seafood Market where there was a great informative tour of the facility…then we all parted ways.

All in all, it was a great week. I think we will all be paying more attention to calories, total fat, sodium and fiber. We understand the importance of educating our teams and guests.

A Day At The Market


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