Healthy Notes From Nutrition Summit.

Thank you to Chef Frederick Clabaugh for sending his thoughts on the nutrition summit. As you can see he’s been a busy traveler and eater since the summit. I am grateful for his willingness to share his thoughts.

First off, let me apologize for the delay in getting these thoughts on paper and to you. Soon after the summit I was on a flight to London to dine and be entertained English style. I’d also like to mention I had the joy of dining at The Fat Duck, Saint John, Harrods and many other top-of-the-mark venues.

Challenging the new way of thinking about the way we eat in the United States and being able to pass that knowledge on to our guests will be invaluable to the successes of American health. Utilizing the program and being more aware of what we serve our guests is also critical to the health and way of living to our patrons. Organic foods and sustainable products will certainly play a large role in the healthy eating practices of the world. It’s important for chefs to have strong knowledge of caloric intake and to offer a choice of those items that will benefit the public. Given the tools and mission to involve both the guests and chefs – I think it is a great challenge and one that I see benefitting us all.

Master Cook Version 11 will list calories, sodium, fat and fiber, giving the chef a starting point to work from and enabling them to adjust as needed to provide a healthier-option menu. Listing in a booklet and online the calories, sodium, fat and fiber will state to the customer we are committed to quality food and healthy eats as a leader in the food service world. Healthy offerings (fewer than 500-calories items) will be denoted on the menu, giving the client some direction as to those items.

All of these thoughts stem from what truly was a great experience with all the chefs at the Nutrition Summit.

From The Cutting Board of Chef Clabaugh



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