Thomas Keller and Foodies at 41.

I was so pleased to read this recent article about the Foodies at 41 program and how Chef Thomas Keller helped out. The program is set up to introduce young children to different kinds of food and how they are prepared. As Keller says in the article, “I have always said that respect for food means respect for life. I believe it’s critical that we teach this principle to kids as early on as possible [and in] the importance of knowing where food comes from.”

Myself and many other chefs at Delaware North share a similar philosophy and passion and that’s why we’ve been working so hard with the Chefs Move To Schools Program, a call to action to chefs to partner with schools to provide nutritional information and cooking advice to schools, educators, parents and children. I’ve been leading this effort at Delaware North and we’ve had our chefs in schools working with students over the past year.

I believe that introducing children to the health and wellness side of eating at a young age is very important so they can build strong diets for their life. I am a big fan of both of these programs.


One Response to Thomas Keller and Foodies at 41.

  1. Bob Deneen says:

    Alfred State College’s Culinary Arts Center — located at the Wellsville campus — is a first class facility that produces professionally trained graduates. Having relationships with professional partners benefits students as well as providing a source of interns and trained employees. As an Alumni Ambassador I would like to briefly meet with you to discuss a potential relationship with Alfred Stat’es Culinary Center. I live in Amherst. Phone # 716-630-0833 and email address:

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