Simple Can Be Beautiful and Delicious.

This is a very strong blog post from Chef Kevin Doherty. There truly is nothing wrong with simple, delicious food.

I have blogged about the importance of sticking to the basics and keeping things simple before but I believe it’s vitally important for chefs to hear that advice and I wanted to talk about it again.

There is one dish I have been doing lately for our VIPs that is simply a whole roasted chicken. It is not a complicated dish. It’s a simple chicken, boned out, well seasoned, roasted and sliced. Simple…but wow the beauty.

There’s no reason to feel like you have to do confusion dishes and food. Maybe I sound like a broken record, but it’s true. Tonight we served Arctic Char an al a greque stewing of vegetables in oil, lemon juice, water and arromatics (fennel, carrots and morels). My chicken was stuffed with artichokes and some dried fruits soaked in brandy, very simple, but again, delicious.

I guess the message I really want to convey to all the chefs at Delaware North is that it’s important to cook, and cook well each day. You don’t need to be overcomplicated and confusing…do what works and do it well.

When you prepare a dish, take a minute to taste your food, look at your food. Does it make sense? Do the colors contrast? Could a first-year culinary student make the dish?

Stick to the basics and deliver high-quality food. There’s never anything wrong with that.


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