Spring Has Sprung at Saratoga Springs.

Thank you to Chef Brian Sterner of Gideon Putnam Resort for putting this post together. I support so many of the ideas and thoughts he talks about in it.

Spring has sprung in Saratoga Springs and Putnam’s at the Gideon Putnam is ready to showcase it!

One of my favorite times of year is spring.  The capital district in New York comes alive this time of year at all of our local farms.  The Saratoga Farmers Market becomes a Chef’s haven and is open year round (in the winter it moves into a local school) but in May it moves back outdoors.  Each year this markets grows tremendously; not only attendance but in vendors as well.  I look forward to seeing new farmers each week with their own unique fare.  We have the luxury of attending this market twice a week (Wednesdays & Saturdays).  For more information you can visit http://www.saratogafarmersmarket.org/

This season I have decided that I wanted to showcase a daily dish from the market called the Farm to Fork plate.  I want to use this dish as an educational tool for my Sous Chefs and Line Cooks (myself as well!), and our clientele.  I feel it’s very important to cultivate relationships with our local farmers and what better way than to see them weekly and discuss what’s on their table.  Now, I can bring these items to our guests’ palates and teach them what we have to offer in our region.  Many are surprised with the amount of goods we have available to us from within a 30 mile radius.

Yesterday I stopped by the market to pick up a few things so that I could head back the kitchen to get crafty.  Here’s what I came up with:

The Saratoga Relish

Pickled Sheldon Farm Ramps, Kilpatrick Family Farm Fiddleheads & Sunchokes,  Dancing Ewe Farm Caciotta, Ginger Rhubarb Jam, Grenadine Gelee

Along with this great plate we also feature a New York Artisan Cheese Board.  We will be playing with Purslane soon … I will put together a story on these in the future!

My team and I look forward to all the new and exciting farm goodness that is sure to follow……….


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