Chef Thomas Keller On Seasonings.

The Los Angeles Times is running a series of articles about well-known chefs and their thoughts on certain techniques, culinary ideas, etc. The most recent features Chef Thomas Keller and his thoughts on how to improve dishes with proper seasoning. I found it interesting and informative to read and would encourage other chefs to do the same. There is even a video in which Chef Keller talks about how to prepare Meyer lemon-cured fillet of salmon.

I found one of the more interesting sections of the article to read:

“Season with salt and pepper” is a common way to end a recipe (it’s even something that I’ve written in my books), but as culinary advice it’s a bit misleading. In the kitchen it’s helpful to separate the concept of “seasoning” from that of “enhancing flavor.” One is a way to add flavor to a dish, and the other is a way to intensify flavors without changing them, though we typically use the verb “season” to describe both processes. A true seasoning ingredient can be anything that brings a new flavor to what you’re preparing; pepper, piment d’espelette and mustard are just a few seasonings that I like to use.”

Give the entire article a read and post your thoughts below.


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