Sustainable Seafood – Another Perspective

If you read this blog frequently you know that I encourage discussion on the topic of sustainable seafood and eating locally. I try to offer as many different views as possible on the subject so that the readers (you guys) can make your own opinions and thoughts on the topic.

Someone forwarded me this NPR article about Chef Barton Seaver and how he has released a new cookbook that highlights the importance of sustainable seafood for both our environment and our diet. In the article, Seaver offers tips for picking out seafood, his own personal thoughts on the subject and recipe.

One of the more interesting comments comes when Seaver talks about how he picks out his seafood.

“I always look at the eyes,” he says. Look for fish with clear eyes that are sunken in – that “still look like they’re looking at you, inviting you to dinner.”

Read the full article and share any thoughts/comments you have below.


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