A Social Network For Chefs and Restaurants.

I am not on many social networks – just the blog and LinkedIn, but I may need to check out this new site called Restaurant Reason which has just been launched. The site is profiled in the Wall Street Journal article that talks about how the site enables restaurants to train staff, do online scheduling and provide an internal discussion forum.

I’m not sure how useful chefs/restaurant owners will find the site but I do think there are some important issues talked about in the article. There is a section that says, “gone are the days when a waiter could simply say he recommends the catch of the day with the chef’s special sauce. An interesting level of sophistication among chefs is matched, if not surpassed by demands from diners.”

I think this is true and its vital for chefs to know their menus and know their foods. Diners are so much more educated and interested in where there food is coming from, how its prepared, etc. Some people want to eat local, some just want to eat healthy. And, a chef needs to be able to answer all the questions.

Read this article to learn about the social network – but more importantly, take time to learn about all the food you prepare.


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