Help In Good Cooking Always.

Okay everybody, I need you help.

We’ve posted more than 120 blogs since we launched In Good Cooking Always  and I need you to let us know what is working and what is not. I traveled to Buffalo earlier this week for the Culinary Council meeting and I took time to talk to people who help me with the blog about new ideas. I even went to the Anchor Bar for the Buffalo Wings to have a longer conversation about the blog.

I think the posts we have had are great and I continue to hope more chefs will step up and engage. I think sharing articles is important but I love when chefs post about their personal experiences. That’s what we’re pushing for with the blog. We want personal accounts. We want conversation. We want debate.

I am heading to Kennedy Space Center next and will then fly home. Over the next few days and weeks we’ll launch some new blog ideas and try to do our best job. But, if you have opinions on what types of post you like or stand out — tell us. If you’re a chef with Delaware North, find a way to contribute. It’s important.

Alright, on to the next kitchen. Let’s keep making In Good Cooking Always great.

Chef Roland Henin


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