From Buffalo to Buffalo….

This is a wonderful new post from Chef Brian Sterner.

A few months back I was asked to work on a project for West Yellowstone. Delaware North was in the midst of renovating one of the restaurants at the Holiday Inn there. I was asked by Christian DeVos to work on the menu concept by developing dishes and recipes and then following that up with a couple trips to work on training the crew. At first I thought, absolutely, what a great opportunity. This thought was quickly followed by…”Oh no, what do I know about the Midwest?” You see, I grew up in Buffalo, NY, the home of chicken wings and cold beer (Canadian) and of course snow.

I quickly hit the books and Internet to research what that area is known for, all to find out, SNOW; along with Big Skies and an abundance of Buffalo.  Oh, and let’s not forget Huckleberries…  The concept we were working on was to be our take on “Open Range” Cuisine.  A lot of time was spent focusing on good down-home cooking along the trail.  Meatloaf, Trout, Johnny Cakes, Pilot Bread, Bison Pot Roast and Big Cuts of Meat quickly made their way onto the menu.

It’s amazing how a culinary journey can start in Buffalo (New York) and continue with serving Buffalo from Montana….

A big thanks goes to Chef Henin and Delaware North for the continued opportunities…  I am looking forward to the next culinary adventure!


One Response to From Buffalo to Buffalo….

  1. Chef Ed Kowalski says:

    Great article! I worked with bison, huckleberries, Johnny cakes, et al. when I spent a couple months at St. Mary, Montana in 2006 (when DNC took over management of the resort there), and I still use buffalo in many dishes at home today.

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