No More Watching TV.

I believe that many of the articles we post to the blog are incredibly informative but I still love the posts from the chefs that generate feedback, discussion and reaction from other chefs. Even if that feedback is negative, controversial or positive… it’s important to build upon the conversation.

Reading the articles, while informative, can sometimes be like watching TV as it doesn’t require participation. The blog is meant to inspire contributions, interaction and thinking. We still need to get input and participation from many of the chefs who’ve just been reading and watching thus far.

I highly doubt the chefs at Delaware North have no opinions, thoughts or happenings worth sharing on the blog. The more ideas we share the more we can learn from each other and move our culinary efforts forward.

The blog is not a one-way street. It’s a source for discussion and response and I’m hopeful some of the posts we have coming up will create that.

The goal isn’t to watch TV with the blog. It’s to communicate and participate.


One Response to No More Watching TV.

  1. Rich Mathis says:

    I would love to comment on all of the blogs and get some dialog going between chefs… I am writing this to test the functionality. 7-18-11

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