Chef Ditri Discusses Teaching The Prospects

Our chefs at Nationwide Arena recently taught a cooking class to the team’s new prospects. I blogged about it recently. Below is a personal account from Chef Joseph Ditri.

I really enjoyed working with the young prospects during the camp we had at Nationwide Arena. They were all really into learning about food and how to prepare it. I worked the protein station where I showed them how to cut and prepare chicken breast and salmon. The first day we cut the proteins for them, but the coaches asked for them to do more hands-on cutting during the second class.

I also worked with the prospects to teach them how to pan sear the chicken breast and salmon as well as char grill the meat. We also made “salmon en papillote” (we showed them how to make it in foil so they could make it at home). I also instructed them on the proper times needed to properly marinate protein.

The players were full of energy and loosened up after they started cooking in my station. It was great to work with kids that you can have fun with. Some of them were having a hard time getting the fish off the grill and I jokingly asked the coach to go get a hockey stick so they would be able to do it faster (that got a lot of laughs). Also, I try to use terms that they understand and reference the kitchen talk to hockey talk (for example: hockey players keep their skates sharp just like we keep our knives sharp).

I’ve had 10 people in the arena ask me how they can get involved in the cooking class which I thought was great to hear. My chefs and I are looking into a monthly cooking class to teach (dressing, starches, proteins, etc.). We will teach them how to make a menu and they will eat and take recipes home to keep.


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