Goods and Bads of Food Trucks.

The emergence of food trucks has been a big trend in the United States over the past few years and I know some of the chefs have posted about their impact on the blog. I found this New York Times article which examines the goods and bads of food trucks to be quite thorough. As with most things in the food world, there are numerous different perspectives when it comes to how cities should handle the food trucks.

Have you ever eaten from a food truck? What are your thoughts on this trend? I’d love to hear people’s opinions. Even if you don’t comment, I urge our chefs and everyone to read the article.


One Response to Goods and Bads of Food Trucks.

  1. greg flakus says:

    Food Trucks are a real hot trend right now. What seems to be emerging is two kinds..those that are owned by restaurant owners and those that are just mom and pops. I do like them appearing.
    Do have some concerns about the impact on the economics of good local one chef restaurants.

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