What Took This Lobster So Long To Get Here?

Chef Brian Sterner sent me this note and photo earlier today. I thought it worth sharing. I will post a response in a day or two with some additional thoughts.

Maybe I’m behind the times, so please let me know if I am, but this was a first for me.

I’ve embedded a picture of a tag that was on one of our 200+lobsters yesterday afternoon. Oddly enough, I actually entered the code this morning at www.thisfish.info. This ended up being an interesting eye-opening task.

The information it pulled up was: What is this fish? Who caught it? And, how was it caught? It was all quite interactive.

I learned this specific lobster landed at Meteghan, Nova Scotia Dec. 27, 2010. I am sure many believe their lobsters are caught within a few days of it reaching the docks. Clearly, this is not the case. It shows how an item that, in reality, is within a day or two trip actually can take 7+ months to reach our plates.

I am curious to learn more about this organization and will be on the hunt to find other items that include these tags. I hope you enjoy checking this out.


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