In Response To “What Took These Lobsters So Long To Get Here?”

I worked and lived inNova Scotia, mostly Cape Breton, for many years of my life and I can sort of explain the “lobster situation.”

When the lobster season opens up (and usually for the next few months after) there is a surplus of availability and a low demand and therefore the fisherman can’t get great prices for their lobsters.

So, what they do is they sell a few to pay for the gas, the baits and some labor but, they hold most of their lobsters in nets, pens or tanks and they keep them in there until the season is over at which time the availability is much reduced and therefore the prices can be much higher. Lobster the fisherman would have charged 60 cents per lb. for during the high season…now they are getting $3 or more per lb. You can understand the rational behind this process. These guys didn’t fall of the last turnip trucks as my good friend Nick, used to say…

Sure they have to also feed the lobsters somewhat, but this is no problem since they catch other fish and use the trimmings as food.

The problem that arises is this.

Just like every shellfish such as crabs, lobsters do molt and during that time, they are in a commercial sense…totally worthless. So, the fisherman who are holding a bunch of them try very hard to sell them all off before that process occurs. At which time, you or the lobster meat cannery, can get a very good deal.

So, now I hope you have a better understanding of what is happening with the lobsters.

In Good Cooking Always.


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