Nationwide Arena Chef To Cook For First Lady of Ohio.

It’s not much of a secret that Ed Kowalski, suites chef for Delaware North Companies Sportservice at Nationwide Arena, knows his way around the kitchen. But who knew he was such a savvy networker?

Thanks in part to his use of social media, a personal blogroll and of course, his cooking skills, Kowalski landed a one-hour spot during the First Lady of Ohio Karen Waldbilling Kasich’s cooking demo at the state fair. The event, First Lady’s Day: Nutritious and Delicious Cooking, gets under way Aug. 4 at 1 p.m.

“The first lady (of Ohio) is a follower of mine on Twitter,” Kowalski said. According to Kowalski, the invite came out of the blue. He received a phone call from one of the Kasich’s, who advised she read the recent Columbus Dispatch article about working with Blue Jackets prospects and not only does she follow him on Twitter (@polskakielbasa) she reads his personal blog –

The first lady and her husband, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, will assist Kowalski in preparing a fresh, nutritious dish with an emphasis of local products.


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